life-interrupted-michael-parise-front-cover-04When we take responsibility when appropriate, we eschew raw power in order to become a spiritual force that is a safe container for the flourishing of goodness, justice, and respect. For example, in the ancient story of Adam and Eve, a metaphor that we’ve used for millennia to explain the introduction of sin and evil into the world, we can see the result of not taking responsibility.

Adam blamed Eve for giving him the forbidden fruit.  Eve blamed the serpent for tempting her.  God blamed them both for disobeying.  A healthier perspective for the story from Genesis would be centered on responsibility and each of the people admitting their part in the bigger picture.

We humans always have the freedom of choice to do what we want or at least to take charge of our reactions to situations that are totally out of our control. It is too easy to blame others for not leading us or for taking us down a road with a disastrous outcome. Yet we are the leaders! We cannot give our power over to others and expect them to read our minds.

If each of us took full leadership of our lives without expecting someone else to show us the way, we would be a much happier and fulfilled people. We may not like the ultimate outcome of every decision but at least we know we have acted from our core freedom and values. We can learn from the outcome so that next time we make wiser choices. Otherwise it is too easy to put the responsibility on God to fix our problems and then to blame God if we are not happy with the outcome – and that does not get us very far.

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